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Daily Haircare Regimen (with Amla and Shikakai)

B’fab Herbals Daily Haircare Regimen Kit is an all-essential for your daily haircare. Loaded with all essential nutrients and protein, it provides complete nourishment and care to keep your hair healthy. It protects your hair from pollution, dust, heat and all environmental and chemical damage thus keeping it long, black and shiny always. A must have for healthy hair. It contains the power ingredients –

  • Amla – Amla strengthens your scalp, hair roots and hair preventing hair loss. It prevents premature loss of pigment from hair or greying and protects hair from all forms of damage.
  • Shikakai – Shikakai soothes your scalp and is a cooling agent. It prevents and treats dry scalp and conditions and detangles the hairs.
  • 20 other different types of exclusive herbs – to increase growth, volume and improve the texture and overall health of hair.
  • 100% handmade and herbal, hand made by hair care experts.

Daily Haircare Expert Formula

PriceFrom ₹700.00
  • 1 Daily Haircare Expert Formula Hair Shampoo, 1 Daily Haircare Expert Formula Hair Serum ( Jadibuti Hair Oil ), 1 Daily Haircare Expert Formula Hair Mask, 1 Natural Oils enriched Hair Conditioner

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