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About Us

B’fab Herbals started manufacturing herbal skincare and hair care products in 2018, by adopting the traditional knowledge of herbs, modern research, technological advancements and blended them to produce the best customer convenience products for daily life and for skin and hair treatment.

Our ancestors, in Rajasthan, never used external personal care products. They took to the nature, extracted the rich nourishment from the available herbs and grains, their leaves and the roots; and used for their daily skin and hair care regimen. The effects and miraculous results which they received from naturopathy, astonished us. Using their knowledge, we researched on it for over years.

With research and development carried out over years by our expert and co-founder, Drx. Deepali Bhartia, registered pharmacist, we have developed our exclusive range of products.

Keeping in focus that the herbal products should be easy to use and effective in our day-to-day lives, our products have been carefully designed by our expert designer and co-founder, Parul Bhartia.

We cater to all age group from infants to senior citizens including both men and women.

We believe in the fact that nature can provide us the nourishment every human for a happy and healthy skin and hair. Therefore, we have brought to you, the herbs, the natural products which our family have been using since generations over the years, in the form of these products. Thus, these products are authentic, tested by our family over generation by constant use and does not have any adverse effects. Further, they have been verified by clinical tests and analysis.

“Giving back to Nature” – this is what we believe in. For every purchase you make, we plant a sapling on your behalf and care for it, so, that you can give your small contribution to Nature.

  • Our products are reasonably priced - Our products have been priced reasonably so that it can be affordable to all because we believe that "Everyone should be Happy and Healthy." We take only the manufacturing costs and almost no profits on our products.

  • 100% Purity and highly durable - Since we make our products with 100% purity, they are highly durable and without any adverse-effects.

  • Customer Convenience - We believe that herbal products are highle effective only when they are made keeping in focus the convenience of the customers to use them.

  • Balance with Nature - Since we use natural extracts, we also believe that we have a resonsibility to preserve our nature and give back to Mother Earth, therefore, we use only minimal energy, plant every new saplings for every purchase you make, use 100% reusable and recyclable plastic and care to cut down the wastage to maximum extent possible.

About Us: About Us
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